Business Environment

The global crisis caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented.

It is not the successful person who survives, the survivor is the successful person. Without continuous improvement and change, we cannot survive in the present environment.

Henry Chesbrough, in his book Open Innovation, defined it as "creating new products or services while procuring the technologies and ideas that a company needs, while sharing internal resources with the outside world".

Open innovation is needed not only in technology or ideas, but in all areas of the company. It's because you don't know what the problem is, why, and how to solve it.

It is now clear why communication, collaboration, and networking between companies are important.

Corporate Management 

It needs to detect signals from inside and outside the company. This should provide a quick solution.


The way to adapt to change is to create something new. If I don't change first, others will change me.

Market development

Production grows exponentially, but sales fall short. We need to anticipate and respond to the market in a more original and differentiated way.


After all, it all depends on the person. It requires the power of collective intelligence as much as a few people with insight.


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